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Knollwood Energy is focused on the renewable energy markets. Our goal is the expansion of renewable energy across the United States. Our many years of expertise in trading and finance will help all of our clients in either the compliance or voluntary markets.

SREC Markets

REC stands for Renewable Energy Certificate and SREC means Solar Renewable Energy Certificate. (In Pennsylvania, an SREC is called an AEC.)

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The SRECS generated by the 7.1kw solar at my prior home and the 9.9 kw solar panel system at my present home have been handled by Knollwood Energy. They are very responsive when I have questions. It is refreshing to have a company that values customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a company to manage their SRECs. Definitely reach out to them.

-William B.

“With Knollwood, it’s nice to talk to someone who is very customer-oriented and competent. In these post-covid days that’s become a rarity!” -Kevin C.

“I received excellent customer service from Anneli.  She was always quick to respond, patient, extremely helpful and it was a pleasure to work with her.” -Lori S.

Our solar system required some equipment be switched out earlier in the year and we were not getting credit for our energy production. A Knollwood employee went above and beyond in tracking down and following up with our installer.  This case had been open for months, and she never let up on reaching out to him until he finally responded with the readings on the equipment changes he made. She checked in with him periodically, was always polite and professional, and didn’t give up until he responded.

Thanks to your company for creating such a great work ethic in its employees!

Barbara P.

MA Testimonial

“I am appreciative of the level of support shown by the staff of Knollwood Energy. My compliments on the impressive teamwork implemented in addressing my questions.  As a customer facing a complicated problem, it is reassuring to see such good work.  I am confident about Knollwood’s ability reach a good outcome.”

Dave K.

NH Testimonial

“They have unbelievably fantastic customer service. They will even troubleshoot issues for you over the weekend. They went above and beyond for me!” 

Tucker W.

NY Testimonial

“We chose Knollwood Energy of MA LLC to handle our Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) and have received superior customer service from Alane and Amy through every step.  We are extremely pleased and consider Knollwood the BEST.”

Kathleen R.

MA Testimonial

“As residential solar energy producers, having Knollwood Energy manage our SRECs was the best decision we could make. The previous company we worked with made the process of reporting our solar energy credits cumbersome, and never returned calls for assistance. By contrast, Gary and Alane explained everything to us so clearly, and have always been responsive to our questions. Best of all, they take the guesswork out of the SREC process. We get a regular check for our solar credits, with absolutely no hassle. We are proud to be one of the growing number of homeowners with solar panels who are contributing to the Green Economy, and grateful to Knollwood Energy for making it so easy!”

Bill and Julie G.

NJ Testimonial

“I was completely new to solar energy and the SREC program in 2014. Once my system was up and running, I trusted the solar company that installed it to sign me up for all of the state programs. They had little knowledge of it, so they suggested Knollwood Energy.

At Knollwood Energy, I was immediately taken care of as a valued customer.

I worked with Alane and she was so helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and easy to understand. I didn’t have to do anything. I was enrolled in the MassCEC  SRECII Program with no effort on my part.

When my automatic reporter stopped working, I was led through the steps to get it back on-line. When readings from my system and the state’s didn’t match up, it was corrected with Alane’s help.

Knollwood Energy works very closely with the state’s SREC Programs and they know far more than I do.

I have received a real education thanks to Knollwood Energy and their fantastic staff!

I feel very confident and safe knowing Knollwood is working with me to get the best results.”

Marsha A.

MA Testimonial

Knollwood Energy

At Knollwood Energy, we know that the process of monetizing your SREC credits can be confusing and time consuming. Knollwood Energy shines light on the process of monetizing your SREC credits. We are experts in both the certification process and the selling process, and will perform all the work necessary to turn your solar credits into cash. You can trust Knollwood Energy to handle the process of monetizing your SREC credits from start to finish.
Knollwood Energy SREC's
Knollwood Energy SREC's

The Knollwood Advantage

Knollwood Energy is one of the largest SREC aggregators in the country. We have been in business since 2006, which also makes us one of the most established aggregators in the business.

Our customers benefit from our size and ​our ​market contacts. We combine all of our systems from the smallest to the largest into a large institutional seller. This size helps our customers get higher prices than they can get on their own. Also, our experience and established name in the market means that we are a preferred counter party with most of the utility buyers. We are not limited to a small group of buyers that other sites might have. ​T​his helps our customers maximize the value of their SREC's.

Knollwood Energy strictly represents SREC sellers. We never charge buyers a fee, as we don't represent them. This means that the price we are able to pass along to our customers is higher than most of our competitors' prices.

Contact Knollwood Energy when you are ready to work with a firm that is an​ ​expert in the SREC market. We provide a level of service and professionalism​ ​that only comes from a firm that is singularly focused on complete​ ​customer satisfaction.

Ready To Become A Customer?

Contact Knollwood Energy when you are ready to work with a firm that is an expert in the SREC market.

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